Madison area repeaters

All repeaters have a PL tone of 123.0

FrequencySponsorLocationNotesDigital modes
145.370Token CreekPine Bluff, WIKC9FNMecholink 549009
147.475Token CreekKC9QKI special event repeater. 1 MHz offset (RX 146.475)
146.685Badger Amateur Radio Society (BARS)Van Hise Hall, UW campusBARS weekly net Sunday @ 7pm during school yearYaesu system fusion
146.760Madison Area Repeater Association (MARA)UW Hospitalrepeater info
146.880Central Wisconsin Repeater AssociationBaraboorepeater info
146.940Central Wisconsin Repeater AssociationMadisonrepeater info
147.150Madison Area Repeater Assocation (MARA)WMTV tower, MadisonDane County ARES net: Wednesday at 8 p.m.Yaesu system fusion
147.315Yellow Thunder Amateur Radio Club (YTARC)BarabooSauk ARES net Sunday @ 7pm
YTARC net Sunday @ 8pm
repeater info
Echolink 553369
147.360WeCommCambridgelinked to statewide WeComm network

statewide ARES/RACES net last Thursday of month @ 7pm

repeater info
441.400Wisconsin Interstate NetworkMadisonlinked to statewide WIN network
442.575Token Creekinactive? unreachable 4/30/22
443.400Southern Wisconsin Repeater GroupMadison
443.600Badger Amateur Radio Society (BARS)Engineering Research Building, UW campusecholink 520577
443.575Token CreekBarabooN9BDR
linked with other Midwest SSTRC Repeaters
Net Weds @ 7pm
storm spotters
443.725Token CreekBarabooinactive? unreachable 4/30/22
443.775Capital City Repeater AssociationUW Hospital, Madison
444.375Token CreekMadisonlinked with other Midwest SSTRC Repeaters
Net Weds @ 7pm
storm spotters
444.475FM38Madisonlinked with FM38 network
Nets Weds & Thu at 9pm
444.500FM38Baraboolinked with FM38 network
Nets Weds & Thu at 9pm
444.575Token CreekToken Creek

A little further afield:

FrequencySponsorNotesMore notes
145.110Green County Repeater Association

Madison D-Star repeater, hosted by MARA on WMTV tower: 145.305