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Bye for now, HD radio

xdrf1hdMy friends laugh at me a bit for being the only person they know who thinks FM radio is a killer smartphone feature. The number of radios in my house is solidly in double digits. You could say I’m a bit of a radio geek (I could even point you to a list of some of my favorite stations).

So, when the tuner on my surround sound receiver died a few years ago, I naturally thought “cool, I get to buy a new radio!” and snapped up one of the last Sony HD Radio receivers I could find. At the time, Sony had just discontinued most of their HD Radio receivers.

In hindsight, it’s not exactly an encouraging sign you’re at the cutting edge of technology when Sony — who still sells boomboxes with cassette decks  — decides to drop a technology. (And that was four years ago!) Continue reading